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"I personally know Hardik Shah, He is an expert in Internet Marketing, I got my job within a week of resigning from my previous employer. The way he teaches is absolutely phenomenal, Recommended for everyone, Must try at-least once. "

by: Nayan Mewada

Internet Marketing Course

The comprehensive Internet Marketing Course from Desertfox is a 32 hours long JOB READY course available in Mumbai. The course begins with the basics of websites, domains, servers and internet, then leads to advanced SEO & Search marketing technologies. The course is a comprehensive mixture of basics and pro techniques used in the real world companies & is based around SEO,Social Media Marketing & Paid Digital Marketing.

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Why Desertfox for SEO Training?
With our extensive research and experience in the internet industry, We have designed one of the most compelling course for internet marketing. The course is designed for users with zero technical knowledge and for experts in programming. Desertfox is rather the course available in Mumbai that teaches the insights of SEO and Social Media Marketing. Instead of focusing on "What is SEO?", The course focuses on "How it is done?"

What is included in this course?
The course Itself(Request Syllabus using the form given above.)
 *  One Domain Name (Rs. 500 Value)
 *  One Year Membership to LinkedTraffic.com members only Section( Rs.7500 Value)
 *  1 year of Cpanel Webhosting(Rs.5000 value)
 *  Rs.1000 worth of advertising on Google Adwords.


Apart from the course itself, We have also designed one of the most powerfull certfication test, Which is currently available only to the students of DesertFox.

Live Work Experience:
The Internet Marketing training program is designed to provide live hands on experience. Instead of learning from the case studies, Desertfox students get their hands on their own websites.

We  have state of the art training classroom facility in Goregaon and Andheri. Group Tutions and corporate SEO coaching are also available on request..
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