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Live Chat Software


Many internet websites have started seeing dramatic decreases in the response of their sales pages. 
A page that once pulled a 3-5% response consistently is lucky to get a 1/2% of a percent response now because of the growing awareness of ads online.

While the net was once the "free information" Mecca of the world, it is now shifting toward a highly commercial model and savvy Internet users are becoming more aware of this. 
This has been devastating to many website owners online and many have "bit the big one" and totally closed their doors because their sites just aren't converting anymore.

Some marketers have scrambled and managed to keep their response high enough to be profitable but they are in the rare minority. 
And what is even worse about this is...

Many Online Business Owners Are Spending All Their Time On The Latest Conversion "Fads" Just To Keep Their Site From Going Under...

There are tons of new "tricks" and "fad" conversion tools that come out on an almost weekly basis in the Internet Marketing market. 
Sometimes, it's even several times a week!

Many webmasters are scrambling to grab as many of these tools as they can at extremely high expense just to try and utilize them before they are no longer effective!

This leaves them trying to not only keep their site conversion profitable but also to try and recoup the costs of these tools that they are buying.

It's very hard for many to pull it off.

Most of these tools do "Sly" things that visitors catch onto within weeks and that don't work more than a month or two. 
Some also get your site banned with search engineswhich may shut your website down for good depending on where you are getting your traffic from.

So what is a person like you or I to do to combat this? 


Convert More Visitors via Time Tested Tactics with Live Chat Software Solutions. 

Benefits of using Live Chat:

Efficient: By using our Live Chat Support System, you can not only assist your Customers and Site Visitors in choosing the right Products and Services, but you can also set a good example of the Live Chat Support System to your Clients as well - helping them understand the benefits of integrating Live chat Support System for their own business. All questions will be answered in real time. Thus, making it a much better option than e-mail simplify the communication between Customers and Retailers eliminating hold time over the phone for Hours.

Cost effective: Live chat saves money because it eliminates the need to maintain expensive toll-free numbers.

Multi task: A single representative can handle multiple chat sessions, whereas only a single person can be catered to over the phone.

Scalable: Visitor information can be used to show trends, together with which products and services are showing the most interest. Marketing campaigns can be monitored and the results strategically used for any future campaigns. This can be of great importance for a Business to strategize their future marketing and business. Live chat being scalable, allows you to add chat operators as your business expands and potential for economic growth within the company.

Instant Leads: With Live Support System, you can understand your Customers / Site Visitors in a much better way. Live Chat Support System has a unique feature, wherein, it can trace all the previous Chat Conversations that you have had with any of the Live Support Executives / Agents. Hence, even if you are chatting with a Customer or a Site Visitor for the first time, you can very well understand what he/she might be looking for!

Reduced Abandonments: Giving the customer the ability to converse at the point of order, decreases the number of shopping cart abandonments. Customers can now have their questions answered before making a final commitment to purchase.

Capture new customers from the competitor: Less than 1% of Internet businesses are currently offering live help, so send your new and existing customers a brochure or email showing them how they can talk with you direct.

Employees Performance: Live Support System offers amazing administrative tools for your business as well. These tools facilitate one in keeping a check on their employee’s performance along with a quality check of their Live Chat Support Service. A “Happy Customer” will always return and recommend you to others because of the service and the product also as time is the main constraint for any business in today’s competitive world. 

Features of live chat software:

  • Multiple Simultaneous Agents
  • Multiple Departments
  • Intelligent Chat Distribution
  • Agent to Agent transfer
  • Operator to Operator chat
  • Intuitive Windows-based agent interface
  • Ability to accept / reject incoming chat requests
  • Unlimited Simultaneous chats
  • Secure SSL based Chat
  • Canned Response Manager
  • Push Images, Links, Pages, Proactive Messages
  • Emotions
  • Leave a message when offline

Chat Initiation:

  • Visitor initiated Chat from Website / Email
  • Invite Visitor to Chat

Activity Monitor:

  • Real-Time Site Activity Monitor
  • Monitor 1000's of visitors simultaneously
  • Visitor History
  • Visitor Browser Type, Country, Browsing history
  • Visitor Time spent per page

Branding & Customization Features:

  • Visitor's chat window fully customizable
  • Chat Button/Icons fully customizable
  • Fonts, Colours and Font Style


Reporting and Analysis:

  • Chat Satisfaction Survey
  • Retrieve/Search Chat Transcripts
  • Detailed Reporting and Statistics
  • Website Design

  • Website Hosting

  • Domain Registration

  • Website Updates

  • Website Statistics

  • Website maintenance & backup